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Electronics & Tech Headline News Archive - March 2021

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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• 75% World's Total 5G Sites Are in China

• Qorvo Shipping Fusion20 RF FEMs to All Major Phone Makers

• European Supply Chain Outlook

• Russia Launches UK Telecom Satellites

• Intel Will Build Other Companies' Chips


• Huge Growth Seen for 5G Mobile Devices

• China Generated over ½ World's Coal-Fired Power in 2020

• DoD: U.S. Must Invest More in Innovation to Compete with China

• Cooperative Effort to Resolve Potential 70-cm Interference

• 2021 "Create the Future" Contest Begins


• France Announces Ham Radio Exam Changes

• NCVEC Question Pool Committee Seeks Input

• Rocket Lab Launches Army Satellite

• Gen Z Getting Screwed by Remote Work, Survey Finds

• U.S. Navy Researchers Back on Cold Fusion Case


• Israel Starts Research Center for GPS-Free Navigation (smart move)

• Amateur Radio Gets Partial Reprieve on 3.5 GHz

• U.K. Nets £1.36B ($1.89B) in 5G Spectrum Auction

• Fire Destroys Part of Renesas Fab

• New Material Paves Way to Faster Computing


• Intel to Make More U.S. Microchips for Military

• FCC Moves to Put More Midband Spectrum in Play

• Stefanie Tompkins Appointed 23rd DARPA Director

• FCC Not Yet Collecting $35 Ham Application Fee

• China Delivers on Threats to Rein in Internet Economy (aka Big Tech)


• Samsung and TSMC Set for World IC Domination

• FCC Takes up Formal Discussion on Open RAN

• Nokia Likely to Cut 10,000 Jobs in Next 2 Years

• Physics Collaboration on Semiconductor Light Sources

• Infineon Sees Quarterly Revenue Hit from Texas Outage


• Open RF Association & MIPI Alliance Join to Optimize RF Front Ends

• Domestic Manufacturing of Secure, Custom Chips for Defense

• Lidar Sweepstakes Draws 15 RFQs, But No Frontrunner

• UK Battles EU Regulations over "Notspot" Initiative

• Air Force Curtails ABMS After Congressional Budget Slash


• FCC to Forbid 3 More Chinese Telcos to Operate in U.S.

• The Global Chip Shortage, Explained

• Bidding in UK 5G Spectrum Auction Starts at £1B

• Not All Critical Chips Suffering from Shortages

• ISS Garbage Can Will Orbit 2-4 Years Before Burning Up


• ARISS Ham Station in Columbus Module Now Operational

• Smartphone Shipments to Grow 5.5% in 2021

• Microsoft, Huawei Out-Innovating Facebook, Apple

• China's Long March 7A Rocket Puts Satellite in Orbit

• India's Recent Spectrum Auction Opening Opportunities


• Radio Still King of the Road

• 6G Symposium to Focus on European 6G Leadership

• AT&T to Spend up to $8B on C-Band Deployment

• MWC Shanghai 2021 Had 25k Physical Attendees from 114 Countries

• GaN Power Device Market to Grow 90.6% to $61M in 2021


• Huawei Retains Title as Top Comms Equipment Vendor

• Not Spots to Be Hot Spots

• China and Russia Plan Joint Moon Research Station

• IEEE WAMICON Announces Keynote and Plenary Speakers

• 5G Deployments Boost China Tower's Business in 2020


• Radio Amateurs in Israel Lose Access to Much Microwave Spectrum

• Army and Universities Deploy New Warfighter Communication Technology

• SouthEast Tech Put Together a Telecom Technician Program

• China Telecom to Increase 5G Capex in 2021 to Double 5G Sites

• 5 Contracts Awarded to Accelerate UK Space Technology


• WISPA Urges Using 2 License Sizes for 3.45 GHz Auction

• Results Available for ARRL Contests

• Concerns Grow over Verizon's Acquisition of TracFone

• Adding 570M Smart Electricity Meters to Asia by 2025

• Polymer Film Can Limit Electromagnetic Interference


• Long-Distance Powerline Communications Testing (Hams take note)

• Apple Investing €1B in Munich Chip Design Centre

• Looking for Cracks in the World's Supply Chains

• Samsung's 3-nm Tech Shows Nanosheet Transistor Advantage

• iPhone 12 Puts 5G Smartphone Rollout into High Gear


• Boost for Quantum Computing Using Photons

• Supply Shrinks Boost Revenue per Wafer

• Mother Nature Exposes U.S. Electrical Infrastructure Weakness

• China Only Major Country to Increase Pollution Levels in 2020

• Major Exploitation of MS Exchange Mail Worldwide


• January Semi Sales up 13.2%

• Debate over 12 GHz Intensifies after C-Band Jackpot

• Space Force Launches Experimental Research Payload

• Hardening Fragile GPS Through Real-World Testing

• Private 5G Injects Innovation


• The Politics of Rare Earth Metals

• January 2021 Volunteer RF Monitor Program Report

• 5G Automotive Association Discusses C-V2X at MWC Shanghai 2021

• Improved Resilience and Electrical Performance in Thin Metal Film Electrodes

• U.S. Utilities Collaborate to Build Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


• ARISS, NASA, and ESA Probe Amateur Radio Problems on ISS

• Indian Government Overprices 700 MHz Spectrum Again

• U.S. Space Force Working on Declassification Strategy

• Kentucky Firm Plans Mini Space Station in 2 Years

• Microsoft Says Chinese Hackers Targeted Server Software


• EW Market to Be Worth $20B by 2025

• Vehicle-to-Everything is Next Wave after Telematics

• Xi Mobilizes China Revolution to Cut Dependence on West (now that they have our tech)

• Preservation of 250 kW Voice of America Transmitter

• Call for Massive AI Investments to Counter China


• U.S. Space Force Is Seeking Engineers

• IMS 2021 to Take Place Both Physically and Virtually

• Untapped Potential of the 26 GHz Band

• James Webb Space Telescope Completes Final Functional Tests (it's about time)

•  Chip Sales Remain Strong in Challenging Year


• Top 10 Foundries to Grow 20% in Q1

• GSA Publishes 1st Global 4G-5G FWA Device Ecosystem Directory

• China Launches Cloud-Based Quantum Computing OS to Challenge U.S. Technology

• Shipping Industry Is Betting Big on Ammonia

• Light-Emitting Tattoo Engineered for 1st Time


• Global LPWAN Market to Cross $80B by 2027

• Can Europe Become a World Leader in 6G?

• RF GaN Market Growing at 30% CAGR to $3B by 2026

• Pandemic Impact on Semiconductor Chip Supply

• China's Huawei Plans Foray into EVs


• 5G Vendor Ranking Shows Ericsson Leading the Pack

• IEEE WAMICON Will Be Held Virtually April 28-29

• Impact of 5G on Location Accuracy & Lawful Interception

• Brazil Will Not Ban Huawei from 5G

• Satellite Designed & Built by MSU Students Sent to Space Station

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